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After five years as an Inspector of Historic Buildings revising the lists of Buildings of Architectural or Historic Interest for the Department of the Environment and its successors Dr Bill Wilson and Alec Compton founded the firm of Wilson Compton Associates in 1987. The firm is the oldest and most experienced dedicated practice in the United Kingdom undertaking all types of work associated with listed, scheduled and historic buildings for clients ranging from public bodies such as English Heritage, The National Trust and Local Authorities to corporate clients such as Norwich Union Insurance Plc and Safeway Stores Ltd. Many clients however are private individuals with a planning concern or simply an interest in the development and evolution of their house, whether a small timber-framed cottage or a country house of national interest. Full-scale architectural analysis has also been conducted into many dozens of parish churches, usually including complete photographic recording which is always rectified and ranges from simple digital images to medium-format film coverage. The implications of alterations and extensions are often a reason for commissioning reports.

The firm has established mutually beneficial relationships with architects, engineers, surveyors, planners and many other specialists, so that any job can be tackled by sub-contractors with the appropriate skills and professional certifications. For the client it means that costs are reduced because there are no specialists retained on the staff whose particular expertise is unnecessary for the task in hand. Historical research, archaeological surveys, photography and drawings, preparation of proofs for public inquiries and all matters concerned with the administration of listed buildings or their selection are undertaken in-house.

Gurney Court, Norwich - Garden facade 2003
Gurney Court, Norwich

Wilson Compton Associates are one of few outside consultants in England appointed by English Heritage (Listing Branch), are approved contractors for survey and analysis of historic buildings and scheduled ancient monuments by English Heritage, and are on the approved lists of county and borough authorities.

Bill Wilson has been a member of the Historic Churches Committee for the Diocese of East Anglia since 2000, and is the author of The Buildings of England, Norfolk, Vols. 1 and 2, Penguin Books, second editions 1997 and 1999.

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